We create marketing tools, rather than just websites.

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What do we?

At Good Art Media we make tools and solutions related to internet marketing. This is more than just making websites: we can create a logo and a company style, we can develop an internet strategy for your marketing campaign, we can carry out your advertising campaign and we will make sure potential clients can find your company through Google. In short, we will get your company a brilliant internet marketing campaign!



We regularly make websites and web stores for companies of any size and we have all necessary experience and expertise to build a website that satisfies your every wish and expectation. Furthermore, we do all this professionally and efficiently!



Your website is not complete without an attractive logo and company style, of course. We can develop a logo and a company style for you in order to increase visibility for your company and to show your clients what you can do for them.



We will develop an online marketing strategy with which your company can present itself in the right way and reach the right audience. With our online marketing strategy you can be sure your internet marketing campaign will be a huge success!



The best way to reach more clients is with a successful advertising campaign on the internet. We can help you pull in more clients through search engines and social media and we do all this in an affordable and professional way!



Search engine optimisation will help your company by letting potential clients find you in their search results for various search engines. With a combination of our SEO tools and the attractive texts we can write for you your clients will not only find you faster, they will stay on your website for a longer time as well in order to make use of your services!



We make awesome 360 degrees images

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Voor wie?



Good Art Media serves corporate firms. First and foremost, our services are being presented to SMEs in the broadest sense of the word. While doing so we think of builders, car salesmen, liberal professions, such as lawyers and notaries and hospitality businesses such as pubs and restaurants. Our ambitions are even larger than this. For us, the sky is the limit. Larger companies do not scare us off, but fit into our firm’s philosophy. Also big industrial firms and companies in the port sector will feel at home with us. Besides, we also have our eyes set on the non for profit sector, which includes foundations and sport clubs.



When you look down on small businesses, you do not merit doing business with large companies. In fact, everyone starts out small. Everyone has to get the opportunity to enjoy the services of Good Art Media. While pointing this out, we think of budding entrepreneurs such as bloggers, veterinaries, designers and developers, photographers, bakeries and confectionaries, general practitioners and other doctors, specialists and professional gardeners. These valuable professionals offer services needed by everyone. Many people are looking for these and therefore it is important that they can be found. Good Art Media is prepared to lend a hand on this front.


Once upon a time, communication was considered a natural phenomenon. At Good Art Media, we more and more discover that it is necessary to lend Mother Nature a hand at times. Consumers and companies alike feel an increasing need for strategies for communication. Even more so, also companies providing these services, more than once, feel the need for a marketing strategy that promotes their services to their target audience. On this front, a captivating website, an eye catching logo and custom made SEO are indispensable services. Good Art Media wants to contribute to finding these services.


It is exciting to start one’s own business. At the same time, it is only normal that talented people want to put their qualities to good use in order to serve others. By the way, nothing beats making a living out of something that you excel in. You of all people know where you are capable of. We at Good Art Media help you to convince the world of your talents. You have the ideas, and you cannot wait to execute them. We give you your much needed head start.

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Why we?

Personal approach

Before we do business with you, we like to sit down with you at the table in order to gather the information necessary to bring your project to a good end. With this overall image of your company in mind, we are able, while consulting you, to establish your milestones. In order to realize your goals, we compose the right internet strategy for you, or advise you to adjust an existing strategy. This could mean that certain elements may or may not end up on your website. In this way, you place the focus on what is important for your company. Afterwards, your project will be comprehensively communicated to our programmers.


visibility We stand for 100% transparency. At Good Art Media, we do not like any ambiguities. We will not present you with unfortunate surprises, and we guarantee you that we do not engage in illegible small print. By working in this way, we want to guarantee a policy of full transparency towards our customers. Total honesty lasts the longest. When you want to be provided with an update on your project, the only thing you have to do is ask. We aim to act like an open book towards our customers. You do not like uncertainties or problems. That is good. We do not either. At Good Art Media we like to keep things crystal clear.

WordPress CMS

We work with the WordPress CMS, and for us that is a deliberate choice. 50% of all online websites are currently running on WordPress, and it is probably the best maintained CMS available on the market. At Good Art Media, we aim to develop stable products, which are continually kept updated and technically custom made for our customers. That is the reason we chose this CMS over Drupal which is less user friendly. Our systems are quick and sustainable. Moreover, everything can be easily adapted to our clients’ needs. This is why we stand out in the crowd.

Symfony and Yii Frameworks

Sometimes, it is needed to go the extra mile and that is when we bring in the cavalry. At Good Art Media, this means that we bring in the heavy artillery such as Symfony and Yii Frameworks when we want to tackle extremely complicated websites. These are powerful and sustainable frameworks which are able to develop larger or custom made projects more easily. Examples of these are web shops, social networks, dating sites, or booking sites for the hospitality sector. For a better understanding we inform you that we regard projects that cannot be realized using CMS as custom made or on demand projects, because they are unique.

A team of professionals

Our experienced team consists of professionals who continue to educate themselves in their own specialist field. In our view, it is important to keep on learning throughout one’s lifetime. Knowledge is power, and our team members are very much aware of this fact. We aim to stay one step ahead of our competitors. Therefore, our professional knowledge must always be up to date. Prospective employees of Good Art Media must find this aspect as important as we do. Our delivered products are always of the highest quality and it is our goal to be able to meet the strictest guidelines. Only the best people are good enough for us


Being open is the key to our success. That is why we choose for a completely open policy. This encourages two-way traffic. We do approve of peeping Toms and we allow people to look over our shoulders. We are open to our clients’ suggestions and wishes. These always mean a new challenge for us. As a dynamic and competent company in our sector we learn from these kinds of challenges who are essential to our firm. Only this way we are able to continue and to constantly re-invent ourselves. That is why we mean it when we say that at Good Art Media, our clients are kings.
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